About Me

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my page. I am Jelena, a Russian-Estonian living in Ireland.



I started my travelling attempts in the early teenage years, when my best friend moved to Finland and gave me a great opportunity and motivation to get on a ferry and spend wonderful 2-3 hours gazing at the sea and escaping my home town. Trips formed a habit and a wish to see more of the world, so I slowly expanded my horizons by visiting my mom’s friends in Moscow & Saint-Petersburg.

Next was Turkey, and then I landed a job in a youth exchange organisation making travelling my primary goal. My first trip was to Macedonia as an exchange participant and it was then when I realised that travelling is one of the best medicines against various life hardships and challenges. Getting away even for as short as a week or two inhales fresh air into your lungs and shows the world in its diversity. Plus, you get to meet new people and learn about the planet we live on through your own personal and therefore unforgettable experience. It’s something that books really cannot teach you.

Travelling shaped me and the way my life developed. I never knew I will end up in Ireland, I never planned on visiting Serbia, but one step lead to another and there I was having friends from around the globe, getting inspired by them and perhaps I am who I am because once left the “safe harbour” and sailed away into the unknown.

This blog is my way to share the memories from my adventures with my family, my friends, my colleagues, with occasional passer-byes like you and take you with me to these stories.

All of the articles are supported by my photographs from the travels as I never go anywhere without my camera. Did I mention that I work in photography? So I do. I am a proud employee of a world-known photo brand. 

My photowork can be seen here: jelenalihhatsova.com

This blog of mine though is dedicated to travels solely and I am pleased that you, dear visitor, is reading it 🙂